This website as it appears as of 5/30/15 was created as an entry for the TSA Webmaster competition.

Frameworks and Plugins

We used technologies and frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap 3,  jQuery,  Magnific Popup, and Vegas Background Slideshow 2 in the development of this website. The theme and template is the original work of the 2015 Webmaster team, consisting of Aahlad Madireddy, Ashwin Kudwa, and Cathy Tang. Bootstrap, Vegas and Magnific Popup were modified to suit our needs, and no themes or pre-made code was used in the implementation of those plugins. The plugins used for the design brief can be found at the bottom of the design brief page.

Copyright Checklist

Click here to view the completed copyright checkist signed by our chapter director, Mr. Szydlik.

Images and Icons

The recycle bin icon was sourced from the Adobe Creative Cloud Market. Look at bottom of FAQ for license info. All other images were taken by either the webmaster team or other students in TSA.

Modified version of 'Submit' button on the sponsor page designed and created by reddit user zootia and used with permission.


The fonts used are Roboto Slab and Lato. They are sourced from Google Fonts.

Source code copyright © 2015 Flower Mound High School Robotics Club.
Contact fmhsroboticsteam@gmail.com for more information.