Technology Classes at FMHS

Welcome to the Technology Classes webpage! Here, you can learn everything about all the different technology classes taught here at Flower Mound High School. From Digital and Interactive Media to Engineering Design, a student can participate in anything he wants, and learn skills that contribute to a bright, successful future. Click on the class name or the image to learn more.

Architectural Design

In the architecture class, taught by Mr. Ralph Szydlik, students learn the fundamentals of building and bridge design. Students will learn a lot of the basic skills necessary to designing buildings such as houses and offices. These skills include drafting, measuring, surveying, and more.

Engineering Design and Presentation

In this class, also taught by Mr. Szydlik, students learn the principles of Engineering, as well as how to properly sketch and present their ideas. They explore pencil sketching in 2D and 3D before moving onto CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) visualization using Autodesk's Inventor Professional.

Computer Programming and AP Computer Science

In Computer Programming, taught by Mrs. Hitch, students learn how to code in Java. They learn the fundamentals of computer programming, and create many programs that complete a multitude of arithmetic and data-sorting tasks. Students learn skills such as data security, and Object-Oriented Programming, which are practices used in a variety of jobs in the technical world.

Our Webmaster 2015 Design Brief

Click on the recycling bin to go to our 2015 TSA Design Brief site concerning E-Waste and our proposed solution to apprach this problem.