Flower Mound CTE

As a world-class school, Flower Mound High School offers many career and technology oriented classes designed to engage and enrich the student.

Students work on their final project for Architectural Design.

Architecture and Engineering

This two classes, taught by TSA Advisor Mr. Szydlik, teaches students the basics of architectural design and engineering design and presentation. These include skills such as computer-aided-design (CAD) and technical drawings.

A student works on a project for Computer Science.

Computer Science

Computer programming, a skill vital to the technology of tomorrow, is introduced in these classes, from "Hello World" to creating complex graphical user interfaces. In the Programming class, students are taught the basics of coding, with AP credit and advanced skills avaliable in the AP Computer Science class.

Students in Fashion Design work together on a costuming project.

Fashion Design

Kids interested in learning how to become a fashion designer can take this class to learn the ins-and-outs of costume design, apparel and the fashion industry.